Advanced Irrigation Technology

cape cod irrigation systems

An advanced Irrigation System installed by Genesis Sprinkler Systems will help you save water and keep your property looking great. An automated irrigation system helps maintain a beautiful landscape. Scheduled irrigation cycles and climate monitoring give your landscape just the right amount of water everyday.

Professionally Installed Irrigation

With a professionally installed irrigation system you can beautify the landscape surrounding your home and increase its value. The automated sprinkler systems will help save you time and money. Every Advanced Irrigation System installed by Genesis Sprinkler Systems is designed specifically for the property that it is being placed. A specially designed irrigation system will ensure that each area of your property is taken into account and is regularly receiving the correct amount of water.

Climate Sensor Technology

cape cod irrigation

Our irrigation systems include the latest climate sensors available so your sprinklers will react to onsite climate. This means that the system may not need to turn on on rainy or cloudy days when there is enough moisture in the air. It will also take into account dryer days and can be set to make sure it is meeting any local water restrictions. Having climate sensors included in every system is the one way for us to help save water and the environment.

Remote System Controller

A typical irrigation system installed by Genesis Sprinkler Systems will include sprinklers, valves, sensors and a controller. The controller functions as the center of the system and controls each of the separate parts. All of the components in an irrigation system installed by Genesis Sprinkler Systems are built to work together as efficiently as possible. Remote controller access is available that can help you manage any system more easily. Eliminate the back and forth during system maintenance on larger properties with remote irrigation controller access.