Why Genesis Sprinkler Systems

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Genesis Sprinkler Systems installs the highest quality Cape Cod Sprinkler Systems. Our sprinkler systems are designed to use water as efficiently as possible. Each system that we install is customized to deliver just the right amount of water each day so you can be sure your property looks great. Every area of your property will be accounted for with one of our systems in place.

Save Water

Water conservation is one of the biggest reasons that many customers choose Genesis Sprinkler Systems. With one of our Cape Cod Sprinkler Systems in place, homeowners are able to utilize efficient irrigation. Many of our Sprinkler Systems take advantage of sensors that can determine onsite weather conditions and adjust runtimes based on the current climate. All of our products are designed for efficient water use so not a drop will get wasted.

Manage Water Use from Anywhere on your Property

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Remotes are available with any system that will allow you to control an irrigation cycle without having to go back and forth to the sprinkler controller. Having our Sprinkler System remotes will save you time and money during system maintenance. Sprinkler system remotes are especially useful on large properties.

Sprinkler System Experts

After installation, your Genesis Sprinkler System will be covered for by the region’s best irrigation service. Our expert technicians are on-call 24 hours a day so that they can solve system problems when they occur. We understand how important it is to maintain a sprinkler system and our team is here to help at anytime.